Friday Favorites: Berry Picking

Last fall we found this cute berry farm, with a great brunch place, cute stores and a ‘u-pick’ for all sorts of berries. The only thing was… we missed berry picking season!! So all year we have been set on going back this summer at the right time and doing a bit of berry picking!image

This past weekend was the weekend. Berry picking time! Now with all the rain and hail we’ve been having the only berry option for picking was sour cherries. We’ll take it!


After brunch we got ourselves some berry picking buckets. Worked our way through the maze of bushes and eventually managed to find the sour cherries. Follow the cherry signs!


Let the picking begin!!



In no time our buckets went from empty to overflowing! image

Before and after 🙂


One successful group of berry pickers!


Now to baking everything sour cherry!


Friday Favorites: A Summer Camping Trip

Happy Friday!! And even happier Friday of a long weekend 🙂

This week has been on and off sun and rain, and then more sun and rain!

Somehow its sunny during the day while I’m at work and then in the evening it rains like crazy. We’re talking thunder, lightening, hail… the works.

So! I’ve been reminiscing about warmth and our summer vacation a few weeks ago; especially our camping trip.


Basically this whole summer has been rainy but somehow we managed to plan a camping trip at just the right time and avoided rain… until the last day just as we were leaving, so it worked out perfectly!

image We bought these extra comfy chairs that can recline, and then basically spent the entire time reading, eating, and going for walks. Talk about the perfect few days!

We cooked everything over the fire, which I was super proud of us for!

Breakfasts were the best: coffee, bacon and even monkey bread, all made over the fire! Yum!image

Camping = relaxing. Nothing beats the peace and quiet.image

Here’s hoping for sun this weekend!






Friday Favorites: Top 3 of the Week

Happy Friday!!

I don’t have a specific ‘favorite’ to share; I couldn’t just pick one!!

So, here are the top 3 things that made it on my favorites list this week:


IMG_41751. First things first. Have you ever tried these?!

Let me tell you, these are not your average jellybeans… these are jolly rancher jellybeans… and they are AMAZING.

Sweet with just that little bit of sour.

Love them!

These without a doubt make it on my list of favorites this week!!

SO GOOD! I seriously have to ration these… I could eat the whole bag in one sitting no problem!!


IMG_42062. Warm weather and gardens are making the list!

I’m thankful for no crazy rain storms this week.

My husband and I have been doing a bit of ‘plant-sitting’ and we have yet to kill anything.

I have to chalk it up to the fact that my husband grew up on a farm, so I figure he’s got some experience 🙂

… if it were just me these plants would most likely be dead after one day. Oh well! I’ve still been having fun even with my lack of green thumb.


3. Crockpot meals!! I pulled out the trusty old crockpot this week and whipped up some chili, Yum!!

I love that I can just dump in the ingredients in the morning and when I get home from work dinner is all ready! Best. Thing. Ever.

I think this is one thing that makes me excited for fall and winter. Stews and soups are perfect fall/winter meals and they are so easy to make in a crockpot.

I’ll be posting a few of my favorite crockpot recipes this winter!

I should probably add a #4 on this list and include ‘the weekend’! I’m really looking forward just resting and sleeping in this weekend. It never gets old!!

We also have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so it’ll be fun to dress up and celebrate!!

I think this weekend is looking like its going to be a good one!!

Enjoy your Friday 🙂