Friday Favorites: A Mountain Getaway

imageWe are already one week into 2016!

I’m still getting used to writing 16 instead of 15… oh well, I’m really liking 2016 so far!!

One week in, and the highlight of 2016 so far has been celebrating our Anniversary πŸ™‚

So, of course this Friday’s Favorite is all about our getaway to the mountains this past weekend.

The mountains are always so breathtaking!! I love seeing them on my drive to work, but its even better getting to see them up close!

imageOne of my absolute favorite thing about being on vacation is resting and sleeping in; on our trip we thoroughly enjoyed lazy mornings!!


We are both big coffee coffee fans, so it was a treat to have our days started off with coffee dates.

AND we had our fair share of treats. YUM!! We found this amazing little french bakery and the treats were to die for. It was so hard to decide what to choose!image

We went on a few fancy dinner dates, and left completely stuffed. I love the chance to get to dress up!


We even braved the cold one of the days to enjoy the mountains, the outdoors, and see some ice sculptures. The ice castle was so neat πŸ™‚ and we attempted to sit on the ice throne, but just kept slipping off!!

For some reason we thought the weather was going to be ‘nice’. Nope. It was freezing. We had to keep taking breaks to go inside out of the cold to warm up, and we eventually got hot chocolate to sip on in the hopes it would warm us up a bit. By the end of the day my husband had transferred all of his extra layers of clothes to me, he is THE BEST. But I’ve learned my lesson, next time more layers!! Despite the cold we had so much fun walking around and taking in the beauty of the mountains.

image This trip was definitely the highlight of this week and a great way to celebrate our 2nd anniversary ❀


Such a great start to 2016 πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!


A Sweet Treat for Your Tuesday: French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

imageIt’s Tuesday!! Does anyone else lose track of the days between Christmas and New Years?

Around here Tuesday normally means some sort of cookies, cake or treat.

Well… we currently have an abundance of baked goodies around our home! And on-top of that we have atleast 6 boxes of chocolates…which means… there is no need to add to all the desserts, considering how many we already have… so instead I’m sharing this super simpleΒ  DIY Vanilla Coffee Creamer to sweeten up your morning coffee.

With vacation days between Christmas and New Years, I love to take an extra few minutes to enjoy a good cup of coffee. And I am a huge fan of these DIY coffee creamers!

I made some peppermint chocolate coffee creamer just before Christmas and we thoroughly enjoyed it; drinking every last drop! So, its time for some more!! And why not go for classic vanilla?!

This recipe is by far the simplest out of the other DIY coffee creamers I’ve shared… and tastes amazing!

Here’s how you make this French Vanilla Creamer:

DIY French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Add a bit of whipped cream to top it off your coffee and enjoy!!


Happy Tuesday!!


Keeping Saturdays Simple: Micah 6:8

Saturdays are BY FAR the best day πŸ™‚

Resting, reading, relaxing. All a great excuse to hang out in my pajamas as long as I can!

I’ve been enjoying listening to this this morning, and here is what I’m reading:


“…And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8


Friday Favorites: Psalms 62

Wow!! This week sure flew by fast!

This week has been a crazy busy one… with Thanksgiving, working, and general life busyness!!

And for me this weekend is not slowing down! In order to keep up with my fitness certifications I need to re-ceritfy/keep learning… which is good… but adds a bit of extra work πŸ™‚

So. This weekend I’m doing my ‘continuing education credits’ and getting an Older Adult exercise certification. Which should be fun! But it eats up my whole weekend which I’m a little sad about.

Amidst the busyness of the week, I’ve been trying to sneak in some rest, of course my favorite forms of rest are: sleeping… hanging out in my pj’s… but I’ve also been reminded of one of my favorite verses in Psalms 62.

Psalm 62 - Sweetnsimpleblog

Hope you find space to rest in your day!

Happy Friday!


Friday Favorites: Top 5 of the Week

Happy Friday!!

YAY!!! Long weekend time πŸ™‚ Have I mentioned I LOVE long weekends!! Somehow I think that third day just really helps me feel super rested.

Another week comes to an end… here are some of my favorites from this week:

  1. Sweater Season. Now that its October it is time for warm cozy sweaters!! To be honest… I pulled out my winter jacket, potentially a bit prematurely, because it has actually been super warm some of the days this week, but it did work for a few of the colder days!!

IMG_64602. The leaves are falling!! I love going for walks and hearing the leaves crunch under my feet. It is so beautiful to see the changing colors. We have had such a great fall season this year, sometimes the weather around here just jumps straight from summer to winter… so I am soaking in all these beautiful fall days!

Fall - Sweetnsimpleblog

3. Quiet Mornings. This week we have been so great at getting up early! I have had the chance to sneak in a quick workout, and enjoy a slow breakfast and some Jesus time before heading off to work.


4. Stripes. Plaid. Polka dots. How fun are all these patterns!! I especially love these plaid scarf πŸ™‚ I’m waiting for it to get a bit cooler before I start wearing it. However, I have fully broken in the slippers, so comfy!!

Plaid. stripes. polkadots. - sweetnsimpleblog

5. Lastly, these guys.Β  Yes, I know I just posted about them yesterday, but these turkey pretzels just make me laugh! I think they are so funny looking and they make me super excited for Thanksgiving this weekend!!! Plus, I have been munching away at them… YUM!!!

Turkey pretzles - sweetnsimpleblogHave a fantastic Friday!!!