Newborn Photos

I can’t believe sweet Baby S is already 10 months!! How did that happen?! Time sure flies with a baby; I feel like I’ve blinked and we are almost at a year!

I’ve been doing a bit of ‘first birthday party’ brainstorming over here and that got me a bit nostalgic, so I ended up scrolling through some of her newborn photos.

Gaaahhh she was the cutest little newborn :). So I thought I would share just a few pictures.

She had (and still has, just a bit longer and blonder) the sweetest fluffy hair with a little swirl on the back of her head. The cutest!!

A bit of baby spam to make your Monday a bit brighter!


Friday Favorites: Winter Photo Shoot (Part 2)

7 days! One week today and it’s Christmas!

Here is part 2 from our photo shoot last weekend, I thought it would make the perfect ‘Friday Favorites’ to share some of my favorites photos of Mark and I from the shoot! (Photo credit goes to my sister 🙂 She is fantastic!)







Happy Friday!



Winter Family Photo Shoot

Are weekends the best or what?!

Yesterday my family braved the cold to get some nice family pictures!!

It looked so beautiful with the little bit of frost and snow and the covering of fog… and you can’t even tell we’re cold 🙂




I think we are all super happy to have my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew back in town!!!!


Such a cute little family!!


And these love birds!!


Photo credit goes to my sister!! And she even kindly braved the cold to take a few more pictures of Mark and I 🙂

I’ll be sharing more photos later!!


Happy Sunday!!


A Simple Saturday Project: Photo Wall


Arguably my favorite day of the week!

I love the chance to rest and be lazy!! But also its a whole day to get a few things done 🙂 !

I was in a bit of a project mood this afternoon and I’ve been wanting to get some more pictures up in our place for a while, so today seemed like the perfect day!

With my husbands help (he’s a trooper!!), I got a bit of decorating done and some pictures up in our room!!

Here’s the before (I forgot to get an actually before picture without the shelves… but use your imagination and pretend this is a blank wall 😉 )


And here’s the after!! Our photo wall is up!


It was super challenging to get those shelves hung straight and level, we did a lot of measuring and re-measuring … I think I’ll stick with baking as a hobby!!!


The best part is that I was able to re-use some of our wedding decorations and add in a few new picture frames too. So fun! And I’m super pleased with how it turned out!

I love getting decorations up, it makes our home feel even more homey ❤