Friday Favorites: Birthday Celebrations

Happy Friday!! And happy June!

May ends with my husband’s birthday, and this past weekend we did a bit of celebrating.

A few months ago my husband mentioned that he has always wanted to have dinner on the top of a skyscraper and enjoy a nice meal while looking out over the city. Well … I tucked that idea away and decided to use it as a birthday surprise!

So, on Saturday we got all dressed up and enjoyed a tasty meal while looking out over the city.


It was super neat because the restaurant rotates slowly, so eventually you get to see whole city from every angle!!

WeΒ  ended up ordering the same thing for dinner and both thoroughly enjoyed our steaks, mashed potatoes, and veggies.


What is a birthday celebration without dessert!?!


I went for the peanut butter cheesecake. YUM!!! It was seriously so good! Peanut butter anything never disappoints!


We were enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to get some coffees to draw the evening out.Β  We wanted to stick around for as long as possible and just soak in the view πŸ™‚



A Wedding Weekend

Happy Saturday!!

May has been insanely busy, I’m pretty sure that this next weekend will be the first weekend in over a month and a half that I will have nothing booked. Normally my weekends are pretty relaxed, so its been crazy!

All the busyness has made May fly right by! I can’t believe we are almost at June. No complaints here. Bring on the sun and warm weather!!

Part of the busyness was from a wedding that I was in this past weekend. So, I thought I would share some pictures from the weekend :).


My lovely friend, the bride, added so manyΒ  creative, beautiful touches and went with a book theme, from the table decorations to the seating plan and everything in between. I wish I took more pictures!! But here are the few I did manage to capture.


The hall was stunning, and on each table were book pages, sparkly vases, and handmade flowers made out of book pages. Like I said, so creative πŸ™‚


On the day of the wedding the bride and the four of us bridesmaids spent the morning getting our hair done, doing our makeup, and chatting πŸ™‚ We each picked our own dresses, trying to go with the same maroon color and the different shades ended up working great together.


The whole day was perfect. The bride was beautiful, the ceremony went on without a hitch, we managed to avoid any major rain for the pictures, and the night ended with the reception, which included a yummy meal, cupcakes, and dancing.


And of course my favorite part was having the best wedding date there is:)



Friday Favorites: A Mountain Getaway

imageWe are already one week into 2016!

I’m still getting used to writing 16 instead of 15… oh well, I’m really liking 2016 so far!!

One week in, and the highlight of 2016 so far has been celebrating our Anniversary πŸ™‚

So, of course this Friday’s Favorite is all about our getaway to the mountains this past weekend.

The mountains are always so breathtaking!! I love seeing them on my drive to work, but its even better getting to see them up close!

imageOne of my absolute favorite thing about being on vacation is resting and sleeping in; on our trip we thoroughly enjoyed lazy mornings!!


We are both big coffee coffee fans, so it was a treat to have our days started off with coffee dates.

AND we had our fair share of treats. YUM!! We found this amazing little french bakery and the treats were to die for. It was so hard to decide what to choose!image

We went on a few fancy dinner dates, and left completely stuffed. I love the chance to get to dress up!


We even braved the cold one of the days to enjoy the mountains, the outdoors, and see some ice sculptures. The ice castle was so neat πŸ™‚ and we attempted to sit on the ice throne, but just kept slipping off!!

For some reason we thought the weather was going to be ‘nice’. Nope. It was freezing. We had to keep taking breaks to go inside out of the cold to warm up, and we eventually got hot chocolate to sip on in the hopes it would warm us up a bit. By the end of the day my husband had transferred all of his extra layers of clothes to me, he is THE BEST. But I’ve learned my lesson, next time more layers!! Despite the cold we had so much fun walking around and taking in the beauty of the mountains.

image This trip was definitely the highlight of this week and a great way to celebrate our 2nd anniversary ❀


Such a great start to 2016 πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!


Happy Anniversary! 2 Years and Counting

Two years ago we were saying ‘I do’ in this beautiful Church!!


I love thinking back and reminiscing about our special day! Despite being a bit chilly, it was absolutely perfect.Mark_Becky-324

This wonderful guy has made these past 2 years chalked full of laughter, adventures, fun and enjoyment even in the mundane, relaxing quiet evenings filled with long conversation, excitement for what the future hold, and endless love and encouragement.

God has blessed me with an incredible Husband!!

I am still head over heels ❀


Happy 2nd Anniversary to My Love!!


Friday Favorites: Winter Photo Shoot (Part 2)

7 days! One week today and it’s Christmas!

Here is part 2 from our photo shoot last weekend, I thought it would make the perfect ‘Friday Favorites’ to share some of my favorites photos of Mark and I from the shoot! (Photo credit goes to my sister πŸ™‚ She is fantastic!)







Happy Friday!