Wednesday’s Workout: My First Half Marathon

imageHappy Wednesday!!

We are mid-way through May and we’ve had some snow, rain, and sun!

And I’m ready for the sun to stick around 🙂

Summer for me means that it’s running season… or at least enjoyable running season, where I don’t have to throw on layers and instead get to soak up the sun while I’m jogging.

This past weekend I ran my first race, a half marathon! The weather cooperated and it was the PERFECT day for a race, not too hot and not too cold, but instead the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze.


I’ve been ‘training’ (aka attempting to get my running distance from 10k to 21.1 k) since February/March-ish. Throughout training every time I would add on a kilometer or two, I wasn’t sure that I would actually build up to 21k!


I’m not sure how I did it, but I did! Some runs weren’t the funnest, but I actually really liked the challenge and getting see how I could increase my distance and how those longer distances got easier to run the more I trained. Running a race has always been on my bucket list!


So come race day, I was ready! I was surprised at how many people were running, there was a good sized crowd. All the people running the half marathon lined up at the start point, and after a short warm up the race started! And the route was beautiful, quiet, with lots of trees. My time ended up being 2:05:06.


Here are 2 things I learned from my first race:

1) Run the race route ahead of time

My husband and I did a ‘test race’ two weeks before. I really REALLY liked this for going into the actual race because I had a picture in my mind of what the route looked like, where the hills where etc. and it was super nice to know, ‘there are 2 big hills’ or ‘at this spot it is about 1/4 way into the run’ or other things like, ‘oh man I need to get sunglasses to stop bugs from getting in my eyes’ (gross!) or even simply where the ‘start’ point was so that I know where I was going.


2) Race exactly as you train

By this I mean don’t go changing things for race day. I wore gear that I had trained in, I knew my shoes were worn in, that my shirt and pants where comfy, that my sunglasses wouldn’t slip off, etc. That way you don’t end-up running in gear that’s uncomfortable, because that does not make for a pleasant run.


I’m on the fence of whether I would ever do a race again. I love running just as a relaxing introvert activity, where I can just run, think, listen to music. So, running in a massive group of people wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, plus once I got past the half-way point people starting smelling… and this one guy behind me kept spitting up flem, no joke, every 20-30 seconds. Yes nasty. I guess the good thing was that it made me run faster to get away!!


All in all I had fun! But I have to say the best part was having my family there cheering me on. 🙂

I’m happy to check this off of my bucket list, but I’m looking forward to my regular leisurely runs this summer.


Friday Favorites: Starting the Weekend Early

Happy Friday!!

This weekend is a nice, extra long weekend for me 🙂 YAY for an extra day off!!

Here is a little glimpse at my day and some of my favorite things that I did on my Friday off.

Guess who is training for a half marathon?! It’s happening in just under a month. So… I’ve been doing some practice half marathons around my neighborhood. And by some, I mean two. This is my second one. It think my legs are slowing starting to catch on to this long distance running thing.


What is a day off without a treat! After my run I stopped for a coffee and then headed over to the library to renew my library card. Turns out library cards are now free! YES! Books, books, and more books!!


And last but not least, a trip to Costco. You are looking at a brand new Costco member!!


Well. If you’re trying to find me, I’ll be reading my library books and enjoying my first purchase as a Costco member!


Enjoy your weekend!




Friday Favorites: Beauty Essentials

Friday Favorites_ Beauty Essentials

What’s in your makeup bag?!

This ‘Friday’s Favorites’ I am sharing what’s in mine!

Over the years I’ve tried and tested so so so many different hair and makeup products.

Some are great, and some… well, not so great.

Here are some of my go-to items when it comes to getting ready in the morning, ones that I LOVE and use basically every day.


First things first. Hair. This is where I have probably tried the most products. And now I’ve settled on Dove hairspray and Batiste dry Shampoo.


I have been using this Dove Hairspray for quite a while, why switch when you find one that works! But I just came across this Batiste Dry Shampoo about 6 months ago when I was testing out a few different brands to find one I like. And this one is a winner! It gives the prefect amount of volume, and I find it also helps my hair-do stay throughout the day.

After one try of this stuff, I was hooked.

Eventually, I used up my first can of this dry shampoo, and went back to the store for more but couldn’t find it anywhere! One of the employees told me they were discontinuing it. WHAT?!? Nooooooo. Just when I found one that I really liked! …Turns out that was totally not true… which I didn’t find out until after buying basically a lifetime supply of the stuff when I found it at another store…. oh well, I’ll use it up, believe me!


I have been using this False Lashes MAC mascara since my wedding, about 2 years ago. Originally I was supposed to have my makeup done by a makeup artist for my wedding, but after the trial, and the girl using red eye shadow on me because it would make my ‘eyes pop’ (no thank you), I went out to the MAC store and picked out a few different items to do my makeup myself. One of those items was this mascara. Ever since then I have stuck with it; I find that it stays really well throughout the day, looks more natural and isn’t clumpy.

My go-to for eyeliner is this Revlon Eye Pen. My skin tends to be on the oily side, and so I find that most other eye liners eventually rub off throughout the day …or they are just really hard to put on in the first place. This ‘marker’ type of eyeliner is really easy to get that perfect line, and this stuff stays where its supposed to on all day.



My husband was shocked when he saw my nail polish collection 🙂 Ha-ha, a girl needs every color in the rainbow right?! Recently I’ve been using Joe nail polish, 1) the price is 3 for $10, you can’t go wrong with that! 2) they have basically every color you could ever want, 3) I find it fades off rather than chips, so it lasts a bit longer on my nails.

There you have it, these are some of my favorite products for hair, eyes, and nails!


Happy Friday!


Valentine’s Day Weekend

imageAnother Valentine’s Day come and gone.

It was too fun with this weekend not only being Valentines day…

…But also a long weekend! YAY!

Which was THE BEST!!

That means the celebrations start early and last the entire weekend.

So, here is Valentine’s/Family Day weekend according to my camera roll 🙂

Friday after work my husband brought home these beautiful roses ❤ imageAnd then we settled in for a movie night and some heart shaped pizzas.imageimage

Saturday we headed out for brunch with my parents, the food was too good, which means there wasn’t a chance for pictures before we gobbled it all down.

Sunday. Valentine’s Day started with breakfast in bed made by my husband 🙂 Crepes and fresh berries.


It has been really nice considering its February, so we tried to fit in a bit of a walk in the afternoon… which didn’t last all that long because of the wind. So, we ended up at the mall and bought a few chocolates as a treat, and some yummy tea.image


Sunday night = Date night. We got all dressed up and headed to our absolute favorite restaurant.


…Which meant pizza again… because you can never have too much!! And of course some ‘valentines’ cheesecake to end the meal.


And today has been this: Rest. Chocolate macaroon tea (SO good). And an attempt at cross stitching… I’ll let you know how it goes.

image I always love long weekends because of the extra day to sleep, rest, do nothing, or attempt new hobbies 🙂

Happy Monday!


Friday Favorites: A Week of Goodies

imageHappy Friday!

Another week has flown by, and we are coming close to Valentine’s Day!!!

This weekend is going to be extra great because not only is Sunday Valentine’s Day but Monday is a holiday!

YAY for long weekends 🙂 I love having an extra day to sleep in, be lazy, and rest.


This week has been a week of sugar overload let me tell you! There has been cookies, chocolate, pie, and all other sorts of sweet treats. For this ‘Friday Favorites’ I’m sharing some of my favorite treats from the week.


It is always a highlight when this pie makes an appearance at work 🙂

Have you ever had peanut butter pie? If you haven’t you are missing out!! This stuff is THE BEST. The first time this pie was brought into work I knew I had to find my own recipe, and I found one that is pretty spot on. I could eat this pie for every meal!! So good!


I’ve been working away at the dish of chocolate kisses we have at home… and the chocolate hearts…. and jelly beans…


I found these ‘xoxo’ cookies at the grocery store. My nephew got one of these for a Valentine treat! I think they are super cute!!


Fruit did make it one the list of treats this week! I love berries, and it is always a treat to have them when they aren’t in season. I can’t wait till summer for all the fresh fruit!



And last but not least are the Chocolate Chip Cookies I made earlier in the week. My husband and I have been using them as an after work snack. YUM!

I think next week will have to be a week of vegetables to even things out!!