Friday Favorites: Berry Picking

Last fall we found this cute berry farm, with a great brunch place, cute stores and a ‘u-pick’ for all sorts of berries. The only thing was… we missed berry picking season!! So all year we have been set on going back this summer at the right time and doing a bit of berry picking!image

This past weekend was the weekend. Berry picking time! Now with all the rain and hail we’ve been having the only berry option for picking was sour cherries. We’ll take it!


After brunch we got ourselves some berry picking buckets. Worked our way through the maze of bushes and eventually managed to find the sour cherries. Follow the cherry signs!


Let the picking begin!!



In no time our buckets went from empty to overflowing! image

Before and after 🙂


One successful group of berry pickers!


Now to baking everything sour cherry!


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