Friday Favorites: My Week According to My Camera Roll

Fridayyyyyyyyyyyy!! YAY for weekends πŸ™‚ They never get old!

Here is my week according to my camera roll. Pictures are always more interesting!


On the weekend we got together with some friends that were in town, and went out for lunch… and dessert. It was fun to catch up and hear all about their wedding plans. … Then there was this cake. This cake was AMAZING. My husband and I attempted to share… but basically we both were trying to inhale as much of the the icing as possible before the other person. I could have just eaten a bowl of the icing. Seriously it was the best!!


Between teaching a spin class on the weekend, and going to a bootcamp class, put on my our Church, my workouts looked a bit different than usual this week but super fun. Its nice to have a change!

The weather has been beautiful… for winter. So we took advantage of the slight warmth and went for a walk one evening. Going for walks is one of my favorite things, I’m looking forward to the summer and the nice warm evenings we will have!


I have been eating my fair share of nuts and fruits and these bars, which are made of dates, nuts, and other yummy healthy things! We’ve been doing our best to have more fruits and veggies in our meals, and make healthy choices when it comes to snacks… but of course we still have treats here and there πŸ™‚


And last but not least, I have been flipping through cookbooks and looking through pinterest for great Valentine’s treats!! There are too many good options to choose from! Get ready for some more Valentine’s Day posts in these next few weeks πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!


A Sweet Treat For Your Tuesday: Nutella Pocket Pies


Mmmmmmmm πŸ™‚ Anyone else a big fan of Nutella?!

Well I sure am, especially if its part of a simple and easy-to-bake dessert!!

These Nutella Pocket Pies are made with of 3 ingredients: Nutella, pie crust, and a handful of chocolate chips.

So simple and so good!

Here’s how to make these tasty treats – Cut out the pie dough into whatever shape you’d like: circle, square, heart, anything!

Put a scoop of Nutella on one of the cutouts, wet the edges and top with a second piece of pie crust, and then press down the edges.

Bake at 350 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


These mini pies are flaky with that Nutella-goodness in the center!


And you know what makes them even better ?? A drizzle of chocolate! Melt a few chocolate chips and give the pastries a final topping of drizzled chocolate.


YUM!! These are SO good. We may have had them as part of our Saturday morning breakfast/brunch… but its ok because Nutella is a breakfast food right?!?



The perfect treat for any Nutella craving!

Happy baking!


Friday Favorites: Organizing, Keeping Active, and a Bit of Valentine’s Day Prep…

imageFriday!! YAY! Here comes the weekend!

I’m looking forward to sleeping in and lazing around!!! I think I’m tired… yesterday as I was driving to work I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror and noticed that one eye looked a bit different than the other… I only did my eye makeup on one eye!! I’m not quite sure what happened between doing eye one and eye two… all that to say, YAY for weekends and sleeping in, I am ready!

This week has flown by, as every week does. Here are some of my highlights πŸ™‚

Getting organized! I picked up this pretty jewelry box to save myself from untangling necklaces and trying find matching earrings as I’m getting ready in the morning. So far its helping. One look and I see a set of earrings, no digging required!


This week while doing some tidying, I was reminded of the stability ball we have. So, my husband and I have been doing some at home workouts with the stability ball and boy, are my abs feeling it!! But its fun doing workouts with my husband, and keeping ourselves active during the winter!


Valentines candy has been consumed, pre-Valentine’s Day. Bulk barn is THE BEST. And of course, I always have to practice self-control or I would leave with bags and bags of candy. I settled for some sprinkle covered treats, these super cute heart jelly beans, YUM, and some ‘love bug’ chocolates, too cute ❀


I’ve also been looking through my craft/decoration box, here and there since last week, to see what kinds ofΒ  ‘Valentine-ish’ decorations I have tucked away. I can’t wait to add a bit of pink and a bunch of hearts to our home!! But I think I’ll hold off till February 1.


Next week is the last week of January, 2016 is going by quick!!

Happy Friday!


A Sweet Treat For Your Tuesday: Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

imageHappy Tuesday!!

Ready for a bit of pink!?!

Valentines Day is coming up next month, and these would make the perfect Valentines Day treat… but in the meantime you can’t go wrong with a pink cookie even in January!!

These are the simplest cookies to make. 4 Ingredients. That’s it!

1 box of strawberry cake mix | 1 egg | 1/4 cup melted butter | 1 cup white chocolate chips |

Mix the 1/4 cup of melted butter, egg, and strawberry cake mix together. Add 1 cup of white chocolate chips. And you are done!! Scoop and bake for 7-10 minutes. The cookies will be puffed up coming out of the oven and then flatten a bit as they cool.


And are they ever good!!! Melt in your mouth!

The strawberry and white chocolate go together perfectly. Believe me, its hard not to gobble up a few too many of these cookies!


These cookies stay soft and chewy even days after they were baked. That is one good cookie πŸ™‚


Happy Baking!


Wednesdays Workout: Elliptical Workout

With all theΒ  snow and cold its a bit tough to get outside for a run. I do see people doing it… but for me when the temperature starts getting cold it hurts my lungs, no fun!

During these cold months I stick with my indoor, at home workouts. We managed to get this great elliptical off of Kijiji for really cheap. So, that elliptical becomes my workout buddy for the winter.

The only thing about indoor workouts, especially when it comes to using an elliptical workouts, is that they can be a bit boring. Usually I’ll either listen to music or get a movie or TV show playing in the background. Another way I keep elliptical workouts interesting is by doing sprints, or changing the resistance/level on the machine.

Here is one Elliptical Workout to try!! This workout will things a bit more interesting… and challenging.

Follow along with each row. The left column will tell you the time increment, in total this ends up being a 30 minute workout.

The middle column tells you what resistance/level to set your elliptical at. Every machine is different so image Level 1 being the easiest – you are still working against a small about of resistance, so your arms and legs aren’t flying out of control, but it is still really easy. Level 10 is the hardest – you are working against as much resistance as you can while still keeping a smooth movement with your arms and legs.

The far right column tells you want to do for that increment of time, so either sprints, a steady pace, etc.

Good luck!!

Elliptical Workout.jpgEnjoy your workout!