Christmas Craft Countdown: Rudolph Candy Jar

22 days and counting!!

Here is a simple DIY to try as we count our way down to Christmas 🙂

With this season lots of candy, cookies, and treats are everywhere! What better way to keep your goodies fresh than to keep them sealed up in a jar!


This Rudolph jar is a quick and easy DIY project, and it takes any old jar from plain to festive with just a few coats of paint, a plastic deer, and one red pom pom!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 jar
  • small toy deer
  • white paint
  • 1 small red pom pom
  • glue gun


Take your jar lid and toy deer and give them a good coating or two of white paint.


Let them fully dry and then glue the deer on the top of your jar lid.



Glue the red pom pom onto the deer’s nose to make it Rudolph and that’s it!

Your Rudolph candy/treat jar is all ready for to store Christmas goodies!!


Keep this jar for your own treats, or use it to package up some goodies that you are going to give away as a gift 🙂


Happy Thursday!


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