A Sweet Treat for your Tuesday: Homemade Oreos

IMG_3934Mmmmmmmm! Homemade oreos! These are one of my favorite cookies!!

And one of the easiest to make 🙂

I first had these at my sister-in-laws house, they were so good! So I wrote down her recipe.

To be honest… I ended up losing the recipe card… so I went searching for a similar one on the internet. I’ve tried a few different recipes and managed to work out my own version of these cookies, so that they turn out just the way I like them, chewy on the inside!

Here’s what you need:


I know I said homemade and they technically are… I did make them in my home 😉 but it is a bit of a cheat because I use a chocolate cake mix rather than starting from scratch.

But I love how quick and easy it is with the cake mix, and I think they end up super tasty!!

This is a one bowl recipe (once again, YAY for easy). Pour the cake mix, egg, and melted butter into a bowl and mix!


Once everything a mix. Roll into balls and flatten (I just use the bottom of a cup to squish them down a bit). And bake in the oven for 7 minutes!!

Here’s how they turn out 🙂


All that’s left is icing them. I made a cream cheese icing with a block of cream cheese, 2 tbsp of butter, a splash of vanilla and icing sugar (enough icing sugar to get the consistency I wanted).


Sandwich the second cookie on top and they are ready to eat 🙂 YUM!!


Here’s the quick version of my recipe:

Sweetnsimple - oreos

Happy baking!!


3 thoughts on “A Sweet Treat for your Tuesday: Homemade Oreos

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