Getting Organized: Daily Outfit Labels

IMG_4315YAY its the weekend!!!!

Time to relax, have fun… and for me a chance to get organized for the week πŸ™‚

Earlier in the month I posted a make-ahead lunch idea for the work week in Getting Organized: Jar Salads.

And today I have a second ‘getting organized’ tip to share.

This is not so much a ‘tip’ as much as it is my own attempt to get myself organized…and an excuse to do some crafts!!

I don’t know about you… but for me mornings are always a huge rush. Usually from try to steal that extra 5 or 10 (or 45…panic!!) minutes of sleep.

Which generally leads to the biggest disaster of trying to figure out what to wear. Ugg.

For some reason on those rushed mornings every piece of clothing I actuallyΒ want to wear is either wrinkly, dirty, or hiding somewhere. I don’t know how this happens…it just does.

Sometimes I wish I just had a uniform, it would save so much time πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was chatting with a friend about this, and she mentioned that at one point she had these little labels to put on her hangers as a way to organize her outfits for the week.

…Sounds like the perfect DIY idea to me!!!

So I stopped by the craft store to scope out their supplies. I had an idea in my mind of what I was going for and managed to find just what I needed to bring that idea to life!


I picked up these little chalk board plaques, and decided to go with stickers rather than handwriting on the letters (look at those colorful patters! Obvious choice). And I add the paper flowers for an extra touch.


Here’s what you do, it’s super simple:

Pick your sticker and stick it on, this one is my ‘F’ for ‘Friday’ (I labeled the plaques M, T, W, T, F, S, S, aka. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…etc.) and then glue on the flower.

And VOILA! You are done.




This DIY probably took me 10 minutes total, and these outfit labels ended up so cute!!!

Now all I have to do is make sure I’m disciplined enough to pick my outfits out for the week!!

I’ll be giving these outfit labels a try starting Monday, here’s hoping they will save me some time in mornings!

We’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚


Friday Favorites: Top 3 of the Week

Happy Friday!!

I don’t have a specific ‘favorite’ to share; I couldn’t just pick one!!

So, here are the top 3 things that made it on my favorites list this week:


IMG_41751. First things first. Have you ever tried these?!

Let me tell you, these are not your average jellybeans… these are jolly rancher jellybeans… and they are AMAZING.

Sweet with just that little bit of sour.

Love them!

These without a doubt make it on my list of favorites this week!!

SO GOOD! I seriously have to ration these… I could eat the whole bag in one sitting no problem!!


IMG_42062. Warm weather and gardens are making the list!

I’m thankful for no crazy rain storms this week.

My husband and I have been doing a bit of ‘plant-sitting’ and we have yet to kill anything.

I have to chalk it up to the fact that my husband grew up on a farm, so I figure he’s got some experience πŸ™‚

… if it were just me these plants would most likely be dead after one day. Oh well! I’ve still been having fun even with my lack of green thumb.


3. Crockpot meals!! I pulled out the trusty old crockpot this week and whipped up some chili, Yum!!

I love that I can just dump in the ingredients in the morning and when I get home from work dinner is all ready! Best. Thing. Ever.

I think this is one thing that makes me excited for fall and winter. Stews and soups are perfect fall/winter meals and they are so easy to make in a crockpot.

I’ll be posting a few of my favorite crockpot recipes this winter!

I should probably add a #4 on this list and include ‘the weekend’! I’m really looking forward just resting and sleeping in this weekend. It never gets old!!

We also have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so it’ll be fun to dress up and celebrate!!

I think this weekend is looking like its going to be a good one!!

Enjoy your Friday πŸ™‚


Throwback Thurday: Have You Ever Seen Moose?

IMG_3867Throwback Thursday!!!

Taking it back to our adventures this past weekend.

We headed out to the beautiful mountains for some camping with friends:)

It was a bit chilly, but with a few extra layers on, it was perfect weather to have a camp fire!!!

And it turned out not being bad at all sleeping in a tent because we brought TONS of extra blankets ontop of having our sleeping bags!

The drive to the campsite was so pretty, right through the mountains.


And believe me, we ended up getting to see ALOT of the mountains because this camping trip turned into a bit of an adventure!!

Some friends left earlier to try to secure a camping site … apparently everyone planned to go camping this weekend!! I guess a bit of cool weather and rain/snow the day before doesn’t scare away Canadians!!

Long story short, 5 hrs of driving later, including some back and forth from campsites, we found some spots! Oh well, at least it was a beautiful drive and we had some snacks to make it more enjoyable πŸ™‚


We got settled into our sites and started up a fire and it ended up being lots of fun πŸ™‚

The highlight for me was passing by some moose on our drive home!!


I’ve never seen a moose in person!!

And now I’ve seen two πŸ™‚ Pretty neat!!!

Have you ever seen a moose??


Wednesday’s Workout: Lower Body Pyramid Workout


That means its time for our last Pyramid workout!

Over the last month I’ve worked through a series of these pyramid workouts: Upper body, Abs and Core, Total Body and now I’m finishing up with a Lower Body Pyramid drill πŸ™‚

Get those legs ready!!!

If you’ve been doing these pyramid drills with me you are probably a pro at how they work, but here’s a reminder just in case:

The Pyramid is made up of 5 exercise. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid with 50 repetitions of squat pulses, you then move up to the 40 repetitions of reverse lunges with a kick and you continue moving up the pyramid … all the way to top and to the 10 scissor jumps. Once at the top, you work your way all the back back down to the bottom. By the end you have worked up the pyramid and back down, having done scissor jumps only once and all the other exercise twice.

Those legs are going to be burning!! Try going through the pyramid 2 or 3 times to really get your heart pumping πŸ™‚

Lower Body Workout

*Helpful Tip – If you are not sure how to do one of the exercise just click on the name in this list to go to a video explaining ‘how to’ and showing an example – Squat Pulse, Reverse Lunge with Kick, Wide Squat, Jump Squat, Scissor Jumps.

Enjoy your workout!!


A Sweet Treat for your Tuesday: Homemade Oreos

IMG_3934Mmmmmmmm! Homemade oreos! These are one of my favorite cookies!!

And one of the easiest to make πŸ™‚

I first had these at my sister-in-laws house, they were so good! So I wrote down her recipe.

To be honest… I ended up losing the recipe card… so I went searching for a similar one on the internet. I’ve tried a few different recipes and managed to work out my own version of these cookies, so that they turn out just the way I like them, chewy on the inside!

Here’s what you need:


I know I said homemade and they technically are… I did make them in my home πŸ˜‰ but it is a bit of a cheat because I use a chocolate cake mix rather than starting from scratch.

But I love how quick and easy it is with the cake mix, and I think they end up super tasty!!

This is a one bowl recipe (once again, YAY for easy). Pour the cake mix, egg, and melted butter into a bowl and mix!


Once everything a mix. Roll into balls and flatten (I just use the bottom of a cup to squish them down a bit). And bake in the oven for 7 minutes!!

Here’s how they turn out πŸ™‚


All that’s left is icing them. I made a cream cheese icing with a block of cream cheese, 2 tbsp of butter, a splash of vanilla and icing sugar (enough icing sugar to get the consistency I wanted).


Sandwich the second cookie on top and they are ready to eat πŸ™‚ YUM!!


Here’s the quick version of my recipe:

Sweetnsimple - oreos

Happy baking!!